The Jupiter team were specifically looking for a partner who understood global markets and could present bespoke gifts to suit the needs of each audience. They were not looking for a one size fits all solution. They also needed to be sure that we could efficiently deliver large scale orders at their various european hubs, with all goods arriving safely and on time.


We’re now the primary merchandising agency for Jupiter, supplying unique branded gifts for all of their trade events. Our designers know Jupiter’s brand guidelines like the back of their hand and as such we operate as an extension of their team. Always coming up with new ideas, based on the latest trends, we’ll never propose the same execution twice. We’ve focused our most recent projects on quality tech items as it’s such a popular and growing trend within gifting.

What our clients have been saying...

The appeal of Giftfinder is that they’re not interested in reproducing the same things over and over. They’re really innovative and they offer a very professional service.

Senior Marketing Manager
Jupiter Asset Management