Big enough to operate on a global scale. Small enough to ensure we provide an outstanding service.

With offices in eight different countries, we’re an international business which means we can handle briefs of any size and keep costs low. And with dedicated divisions covering sourcing merchandise, design, manufacturing, warehousing, fulfillment and webshop services, we’re able to tailor our strategy to meet your individual needs.

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Our mission

Our mission goes way beyond putting logos on products. We want to produce creative and effective promotional merchandise strategies which better your marketing efforts.

Our vast experience has seen us working with a range of companies, from global sportswear brands, leading asset management firms through to boutique communications agencies. This experience means our teams are highly knowledgeable. And by embracing the latest technology, up-skilling our staff and instilling a culture of curiosity and creativity, we aim to continually provide an unrivalled service in our industry.

Whether you’re a new customer or you've been working with us for years, we ensure each brief is treated with the same amount of diligence and research, enabling us to deliver the most successful outcome every time.


The Values

We created these values when we started the company back in 2003 and we believe they’ve played a big part in the success we’ve had to date. Today, they’re still at the core of everything we do.

  • Honesty

    Be open and honest in everything we do. We find it makes life much easier for everyone.

  • Respect

    Treat others as we would like to be treated. Whether you’re a customer, supplier or employee, everyone deserves the same courtesy and consideration.

  • Integrity

    Have passion for our work and treat each job with care and professionalism.

  • Loyalty

    Be unswervingly loyal to everyone we work with. We hold reliability and trustworthiness are at the highest regard and that deserves to be rewarded in our eyes.

What our clients say about us

Gifts are a key part of our marketing programme. Our sales representatives present potential new customers with branded gifts at the start of each meeting which instantly brings down any initial barriers that may have been there

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Got an idea? Let’s make it happen.

We tackle challenging briefs with creativity and we love what we do. Get in touch and see how we can help make your marketing more effective.

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